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Cash Myricks is a contemporary art student from New York who wants to make learning fun for those who will visit his social media pages. Though one might not be an art enthusiast like him, his goal is to let others enjoy discovering what makes contemporary and visual art interesting for many.

The eras of visual art are usually a response to the historical events and trends that a generation goes through. In the present era, artists are rendering their work even through digital means. On his blog sites, Cash Myricks aims to discuss the predominant styles, techniques, and even medium that makes this generation’s creative response stand out from others. On his social media pages and blogs, he will feature popular artists, their artworks, techniques, collaborations, exhibitions, museums, and other interesting discoveries about the current period of art.  He will also discuss the impact of contemporary art in society, such as in fashion and popular culture.

For this particular blog site, Cash Myricks will be sharing a number of interesting topics on contemporary art.  Below are some articles with samples of their content.

Contemporary art: A renewed sense of appreciation for art

In this blog, Cash writes <i>“Contemporary art is defined as the “art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetime.”  However, it should not be confused with its predecessor: modern art.  Many authority figures in the arts consider the delineation between contemporary and modern arts to be somewhere in the 1960s and 1970s because it was during this time that the postmodern art began to emerge.</i>

“Latin contemporary art: For the world”

According to Cash Myricks, “With more than thirty countries, Latin America is a source of entertaining and thought-provoking art.  A blend of Indian, European, and African culture, art from this part of the world has caught the attention of global collectors.” He also goes on to write some of the most beloved Latin contemporary artists in the world.

“What is contemporary art? An in-depth discussion”

For this article, Cash Myricks explores the different elements that make up contemporary art.  He notes that “To understand and ultimately appreciate contemporary art, one must accept several things, such as the constant experimental nature of contemporary artists and the fact that it is okay not to have a subject, which in many ways is the subject itself.”

But this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Cash Myricks has even more writings and insights in store for readers and contemporary art fans on the site.