What is contemporary art? An in-depth discussion

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Cash Myricks is a contemporary art student from New York who wants to make learning fun for those who will visit his social media pages. Though one might not be an art enthusiast like him, his goal is to let others enjoy discovering what makes visual art interesting to many.

For today, Cash Myricks writes a blog meant for people who have their interests piqued by contemporary art.  Below, he lists a number of facts which people everywhere need to know about this style of art.

To get contemporary art, people have to adjust their perception of art.

According to Cash Myricks, contemporary art will prove too difficult to accept, appreciate, or understand for art enthusiasts who are unable to relinquish their traditional art mindset.  There are a number of things that people have to remember for them to fully get contemporary art.  First off, they need to know that it is driven by the constant experimental nature of contemporary artists.  Secondly, art enthusiasts have to understand that in contemporary art, sometimes there is no subject, and the absence of a subject in itself may be the subject.

Whatever the reaction people have to contemporary art, it is viewed as a good reaction.

Cash Myricks points out that contemporary artists don’t need praise for their work.  Yes, any reaction to contemporary art is viewed as a good reaction.  This goes against most traditional art, which normally has to elicit positive reactions to its quality for it to be considered good.  Even the lack of a reaction is considered acceptable.  For many contemporary artists, what’s important is that it is accepted as art and an expression of oneself.  Cash Myricks also adds that it’s this approach to reaction which makes many traditional art experts frown upon the style.

Contemporary artwork always carries more than one meaning.

A lot of contemporary art pieces have more than one meaning.  In fact, it all falls to what people perceive the art to be.  Again, this is a departure from traditional art where subjects, history, and the artist give their pieces meaning, Cash Myricks explains.  Some people may look at a piece and believe it to be about the artist, while others believe it to be about a place. And, just like reactions, any meaning given to pieces of contemporary art is very much welcome.