How contemporary art portrays today’s world

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Cash Myricks is a New York-based contemporary art student who likes to write about contemporary artists, their artworks, as well as trends in the industry.  As an art student, he understands the influence of visual arts in society.  He lends his insights on and discoveries in the art world through his blogs and social media pages.

As Cash Myricks has always believed, art can sometimes be a response to a generation’s shared experiences.  Contemporary artworks are a perfect example that art can and will become famous in large because of its response to the trends and events of a specific period. 

Perhaps it was only fitting that contemporary art started appearing after the events of the Second World War.  Coming out at this specific time period surely affected how the art movement of the 20th century would appear.  Just like most of the art movements in previous years, decades, and centuries, contemporary art was heavily dependent on the artists who took inspiration from the social issues in the current world.  

In today’s blog, Cash Myricks explains how today’s art form reflects current times.

The truth of the matter is there are countless issues that plague society today, from sexism, racism, climate change, corruption, to poverty, and many more.  All these issues have inspired most contemporary art pieces to date.

Cash Myricks points to Tracey Emin’s “My Bed”which depicted the artist’s unmade and disheveled bed in display, representing her acute depression and alcoholism at the time. Such issues continue to have an effect in society and these art pieces give light to them in a more creative way than others.

Another piece which features a heavier, more serious issue was “Revival Field”by Mel Chin.  According to Cash Myricks, the project involves different plants and other organic materials which are then used to extract different metals in soil.  These metal are what make these plants’ soil toxic and dangerous to plant and human health.  Mel Chin’s aim is to raise awareness of how little acts by men do a lot more damage than everyone thinks it does.

Cash Myricks adds that as societal issues continue to exist, so will these art pieces continue to raise our awareness of it.  In fact, he invites everyone to visit New York for the subway art or any other museum for that matter to gain a deeper insight on today’s world, seen through the eyes and talent of modern contemporary artists.