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Art can sometimes be a response to a generation’s shared experiences.  Artworks that have become famous throughout the years have become a response to the trends and events of a specific period.  Cash Myricks, a contemporary art student from New York, aims to share the predominant styles, techniques, and even medium that makes this generation’s creative response stand out from others.  Through his social media pages and blogs, he will feature artists, artworks, techniques, collaborations, exhibitions, museums, and other interesting discoveries about the current period of art.  He will also discuss the impact of contemporary art in society.  

As a contemporary art student, Cash Myricks wants to make learning fun for those who will visit his pages.  Though one might not be an art enthusiast like him, they will enjoy discovering what makes visual art interesting for many.

In his blogs, Cash Myricks will discuss what makes contemporary art different from other periods of art.  He will also explore the current trends, media, materials, and other elements that are widely used in the famous artworks seen today.  To encourage others to explore this generation’s visual art scene, he will feature artists, artworks, techniques, collaborations, exhibitions, museums, and other interesting information on his pages. 

As art is a response to historical events and trends, Cash Myricks will discuss the impact of art on society.  In this ever-changing society, art always has a response that reflects what people are doing and thinking.  His goal is to share his thoughts so that others will understand the relevance of art in daily life.

Below is a list of some of the blogs on contemporary art, which readers can expect to peruse.

1. “Contemporary art: A renewed sense of appreciation for art”

In this blog, Cash Myricks shares his insights on how contemporary art can be appreciated.

2. “Latin contemporary art: For the world”

In “Latin contemporary art: For the world” Cash Myricks pays tribute to some of the greatest Latin contemporary artists in history.

3. “Haring and Basquiat: Artists of New York”

This blog looks at the fascinating and tragic lives of two of New York’s most talented contemporary artists.

4. “What is contemporary art? An in-depth discussion”

For “What is contemporary art: An in depth discussion,” Cash Myricks helps newcomers to the art scene understand what contemporary art is all about.

5. “How contemporary art portrays today’s world”

In this poignant blog, Cash Myricks shares how he thinks contemporary art has reflected the society we all live in today.