Contemporary art: A Renewed Sense of Appreciation For Art

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Contemporary art: A Renewed Sense of Appreciation For Art

December 15, 2020 Uncategorized 0

There are times when art can be a response to shared experiences.  If you look throughout history, art has always reflected the times. 

Cash Myricks, a contemporary art student from New York, lends his insights to the styles, techniques, and even mediums that makes this generation’s creative response unique.  He’ll also be writing about artists, artworks, techniques, collaborations, exhibitions, museums, and other interesting discoveries about the current period of art, and the impact of contemporary art in society. 

Some historians and art experts define contemporary art as the “art that has been and continues to be created during our lifetime.”  However, it should not be confused with its predecessor, modern art.  This difference between contemporary and modern art was born around the 1960s and 1970s.  It was during this era that the postmodern art began to take shape and postmodern artists started to become more well-known.

In the 1970s, classifying artistic movements into categories started to become a lot more difficult.  An increasing number of artists branched out into different “movements.”  This proved to a problem for people classifying them given the extremely limited number of known artists in any of these “movements.” 

According to Cash Myricks, what a lot of them had in common though was their penchant to distance themselves from mainstream art.  This led to the concept of <i>artistic pluralism,</i> or the acceptance of a variety of artistic themes and intentions.

Furthermore, those members of the first wave of contemporary artists seemed to have been inspired by the ever-changing global environment, the diverse culture all around, and the continuous advancement of technology.  These factors have led to these early contemporary artists (as well as all the contemporary artists that followed them) to adopt and master a more multifaceted approach, to work in a broad range of mediums, and to express themselves beyond any predefined artistic characteristics or styles, Cash Myricks adds.

In the decades that followed, people grew to develop a renewed sense of appreciation for art, because of contemporary art.  A new generation of art enthusiasts loved how they could see the times they lived in through a new medium, a medium in which they could interpret for themselves.  Hence, the basis of the major appeal of this new brand of art was that it broke boundaries that many of its predecessors could or would not, which again, reflected how the people of the time felt and acted, Cash Myricks explains.

Cash Myricks is interested in everything related to this era’s form of visual art.  As a contemporary art student from New York, he enjoys sharing his thoughts about the artists, artworks, and their lasting impact.  Learn more about Cash and contemporary art when you visit this page.